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Amplify Your Spirit aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can.

In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services ranging from how to live a toxic free natural lifestyle, to improving your presence and confidence for public speaking engagements, and how to build a strong business/career in the entertainment business.   Our Services can be one on one, a group class or workshop setting or large corporate speaking opportunities.   

Our goal is to help everyone find their inner voice, strength and creativity and Amplify it.....using their Mind, Body & Soul.




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My Amplified Journey

2019 was a year of discovery and transition for me personally.  I came to terms withy my endometriosis, pcos, and my newly acquired adenomyosis.  I swallowed the difficult pill that I would not become a mother biologically due to these issues and this deep dive of acceptance sent me on a journey I am very grateful for.  The path I found myself on was not easy, it required me to be present, ask difficult questions and take a pro-active approach to our family lifestyle, food consumption, and toxic products in our home.   It was a process, not something that happened overnight.  There was literature to read, a soul to search through, and a lifestyle to change but slowly.  I'm convinced it is a process that has no end, that we are forever learning, practicing, changing.  I am eager for you to start this journey and ready to travel along side you as you find your way. 

I've spent the last 21 years of my life as an actor, acting coach, improvisation instructor, talent agent but nothing has been as gratifying as teaching individuals about natural living, natural confidence, and taking charge of their future.  I have amplified my spirit this past year and continue to find ways to do so, which makes me eager to help you do the same through our workshops, classes and private one on one sessions.

Amplify your spirit has been a labour of love for the last year and I am proud to be able to provide these services based my 20+ years experience.   It is time to amplify what is already inside of you, join me as we create a world of wonder and strength for you to enjoy and prosper in. 

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Happy Healthy Women Branch Director - Brampton

Kristine DaCosta

Aromatheapy Oils




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