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Thank you for visiting Amplify Your Spirit.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our essential oil events, joining our oily team of business owners, or joining Kristine for a Reiki Treatment.  Click below to see a list of all that Amplify Your Spirit has to offer.

We are excited to offer our new 3D printed & branded diffuser stand!  Click here to learn more and order.

Amplify Your Spirit Events & Services

February Workshops & Classes

Join us this February virtually with The Aura House & Amplify Your Spirit.

Happy Hormones

Calling all females.  YOU'll want to attend this one!

Join us for an info session on how to keep your body's hormones away from toxins and free radicals and use essential oils to balance your endocrine system.

Gardening with Essential Oils

Plants feeding Plants!

Let's get you away from harsh fertilizers and chemical ridden plant "food" and get you feeding your plants with quality sourced plant oil. 
Lots of info to share, bring a note pad!

Love your oils?

Then let's get cooking with them!

Live from Amplify Your Spirit's Kristine DaCosta's kitchen.
Taking a look at how to use your oils effectively when cooking for yourself and your family.

The Aura House Presents:

11 oils to balance body, mind and soul

Amplify Your Spirit's Kristine DaCosta dives into why and how to use these 11 beautiful oils to help balance all aspects of your inner being. 
This workshop includes a wellness bundle that comes with 11 oil samples and an info package. 
Register with The Aura House.

The Aura House Presents:

Essential Oils: Frequency & Vibration

Kristine DaCosta walks you through the information behind oil frequency, which oils vibrate higher and how to use them effectively.

This workshop includes a wellness bundle that comes with a Frankincense oil sample and a high frequency roller bottle blended mix.
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Reiki Distance Sending ~ 4 week Series

Reiki Distance Sending Series This is a four week series of reiki sendings blended with energy healing information on tools, mindset, and chakra balance.
Week 1 - Getting to know Reiki - 1 hour
Week 2 - Reiki & Essential Oils - 1 hour
Week 3 - Reiki & Crystals - 1 hour
Week 4 - Reiki, Mindset, and Amplifying your Reiki practice. - 1 hour
Each week will provide you with tools to amplify and raise your reiki practice.

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Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Every Wednesday Evening @ The Aura House  7:15pm

Amplify Your Spirit is teaming up with The Aura House to bring you a one of a kind virtual experience.

Receive Distance Reiki while practicing gentle, therapeutic, restorative yoga postures virtually.

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@ The Aura House
Brampton, Ontario

About Us: Amplify Your Spirit

Owner/Reiki Practitioner Kristine DaCosta began Amplify Your Spirit in January 2020.   She began a healing journey in 2019 and felt called to share her heart and healing with others.  

Kristine is thrilled to join the Aura House, offering Reiki sessions as of September 2020.   In addition to Reiki, she will also be hosting Aromatherapy Sessions, Classes and Workshops at The Aura House.  Please join her in learning about the magnificence of plants and how they can nurture your life and lifestyle.

~ Amplify Your Spirit

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