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Movement in a Digital Age

I'm not sure about the rest of you but with social distancing, isolating, and zoom calls, I am finding my body calling for more movement more frequently.

When this CV first began in March I honestly did not think it would have lasted as long as it has. I figured maybe a month. After that first month I was beginning to find myself stiff, back aches, tired eyes, headaches....and why? My desk had become my prison, my chair my cell and I was tired from the digital world. Now that we are 2 1/2 months in this crazy experiment I am finding my routine has changed drastically.

I am finding breaks during the day to do a workout. Not a 45 min on a treadmill or weights kind of workout but movement. 10 min on my mini elliptical, 10 min of stretching, 10 minutes of core work, or 20 minutes outside walking soaking in some much needed vitamin D.

These small breaks are doing wonders for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Our world has gone completely virtual and digital in what seemed like over night. As much as we rely on it right now to be our lifeline and connection to other people, don't forget to rely on your connection and energy to the earth, your intuition and your body. And if you are feeling the need for human to human connection that is not blocked by a screen, practice distance and chat and feel that energy safely.

Keep moving, keep blood flowing, keep sharing the love while we all find our way during these changes that are before us. Amplify Your Spirit and the rest will follow.

Peace and Love

~ Kristine

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