Raise Your Vibration with these 3 things....

When your vibration is high this is what you will attract. If your vibration is weighted with worry and low, that is what you will attract. It is law. 


There are several ways to raise your vibration. All include consistency. Anointing yourself with essential oils is a quick and easy way to raise your vibration daily. Frankincense, Rose and Lavender are three of many that when applied to your body will raise your vibration. Everything is energy, everything has a vibration and everything has a frequency. This includes oils. Applying them begins to connect your mind, body and spirit to higher frequencies allowing the law of attraction to do its work. 


Frankincense is king. This is a very spiritual oil that can assist you in mindset development, meditation and /or Yoga practice. It is a high frequency oil. 


Lavender is a calming oil that supports the bodies nervous system. It is a high frequency oil. 


Rose oil, if it is a quality oil (this goes for any oil really, you need quality) is the one of the highest frequency oils , marking 320MHz. The only other oil that challenges that is Northern Lights Black Spruce. An oil grown beneath the northern lights in British Columbia, Canada. 

Grab your oils. Apply them. Be consistent. Feel the shift. 


Always research your oils and make sure you’re getting quality. DM me if you need suggestions. Always here to help. 

Kristine ~ Amplify Your Spirit ~ kristine@amplifyyourspirit.com