Reset Your Mind, Body & Spirit, One Oil At A Time.  

It's no secret friends....I sell essential oils.  But it is soo much more than that.

What we've created here at Amplify is a community of like minded souls who are searching for clean living, fresh & pure scented homes using essential oils. 

I provide cost effective essential oil consultations to help you begin, move through, or create the journey you're looking to embark on.  If you would like to chat oils, you can book in person in Brampton, Barrie or via Zoom/FaceTime. Email to book your consultation. 

If you are looking to begin that oil journey today, CLICK HERE to move over to our essential oil page, place your order and join the community!


October 2 - 4pm - 8pm    //  October 16th - 4pm - 8pm


October 12th - 6:30pm - 9:00pm  //  October 15th - 10am - 6pm  //  October 18th - 6:30pm - 9pm 

October 19th - 6:30pm - 9pm  // October 22nd - 10am - 6pm

If you are also looking to supplement your income and would like to share your referral link with others, all while benefiting financially from your referral link, LETS TALK!  Making money via essential oils is MUCH simpler than you think and can be as big or as small as you WISH!  Let's get you set up and benefiting and building your oil community via Amplify :)